Breach of Contract In Silicon Valley – What You Need To Know

AdobeStock_183500602-300x200Business owners in Silicon Valley are well acquainted with all kinds of legal contracts. It is important to know your legal rights – as well as your obligations – under any contract. Many contractors try to bully others with threats of breach of contract and costly litigation. The experienced contract lawyers at Structure Law Group are here to help your business handle all types of breach of contract issues. Here are some of the most common disputes:

A Vendor’s Breach of Contract

Most businesses must enter into vendor contracts to get the goods and services necessary for their daily operations. If these vendors breach their contractual obligations, your business could be left unable to deliver on its own contractual duties to customers. A well-drafted vendor contract can help prevent confusion or ambiguity. Our contract attorneys can also help you determine the best course of action when a vendor breaches a contract. While litigation is sometimes necessary, it is not always worth the cost of a damaged business relationship with a trusted partner. An experienced contracts lawyer will be able to give you options for handling the problem.

An Employee’s Breach of Contract

Silicon Valley has some of the most comprehensive employment contracts of any job market in the United States. Intellectual property issues and confidentiality agreements can complicate even the most straightforward employment arrangements. Employees in the tech sector also have complex compensation packages that can include annual salary, bonus, restricted stock units, stock options, and/or other forms of compensation. Our contracts lawyers not only write through employment agreements – we help employers put policies in place to ensure that these agreements are enforced on a daily basis.

Allegations That Your Business Has Breached a Contract

Sadly, it is not uncommon for one business to threaten another with a breach of contract lawsuit. Don’t panic. Just because an angry vendor or client claims there has been a breach does not make it so. Business owners can take key steps before, during, and after a contract is executed to reduce as many disputes as possible. When disputes do occur, a good lawyer will know how to advise you on the best possible strategy for resolving the dispute while mitigating collateral damage (such as bad publicity or added costs for your business). If the dispute cannot be negotiated out of court, it might be necessary to litigate the dispute in a lawsuit. You want an experienced litigator on your side at all stages of business litigation.

Experienced Contract Lawyers For Silicon Valley Business Owners

The Silicon Valley corporate lawyers at Structure Law Group have experience handling all types of contracts issues. Whether your dispute is with a vendor, an employee, or another business that is claiming a breach of contract, we are here to help. Call (408) 441-7500 to schedule a consultation or contact us online. The sooner you have an experienced contracts lawyer on your side, the better options you will have for resolving any contractual dispute. The right strategy can save your business time, money, and goodwill.