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AdobeStock_750357071-300x200The rapid evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the world through new trends, regulations, and shifts in user behavior. While AI offers numerous benefits, it also introduces significant risks, particularly concerning accuracy, accountability, data privacy, and security. By proactively implementing mitigation strategies, businesses can harness AI’s potential while protecting their operations and reputation. Below, we explore key considerations for deploying AI across business processes while minimizing legal and regulatory risks.

AI Accuracy and Accountability

A major obstacle to fully realizing AI’s capabilities is concerns about its accuracy and accountability. The core of this issue lies in the quality and quantity of the data used to train AI models. The accuracy of AI models directly reflects the data sets they are trained on. If these data sets are biased or inaccurate, the resulting algorithms can perpetuate hidden discrimination against certain groups. This lack of transparency raises questions about the reliability of the output data, which can be misleading, biased, or incorrect.

AdobeStock_533470666-300x200Chapter 134A of the Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code is known as the Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act, and Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code § 134A.002(6) establishes that a trade secret is defined as “all forms and types of information, including business, technical, scientific, economic, or engineering information as well as any design, formula, pattern, prototype, compilation, plan, program, code, program device, device, technique, method, process, procedure, financial data, or list of actual or potential customers or suppliers, whether it is tangible or intangible and whether or how compiled, stored, or memorialized physically, electronically, graphically, photographically, or in writing when an owner of a trade secret takes reasonable measures under the circumstances to keep the information secret, and the information derives actual or potential independent economic value from not being generally known to and not being readily ascertainable through proper means by another person who can obtain economic value from the disclosure or use of such information.” Trade secrets are valuable because there are considerable efforts to protect the information, and people will need to work with a Texas business attorney for help protecting their trade secrets.

A legal cause of action for exposed trade secret information is known as misappropriation of trade secrets. This occurs if a trade secret is improperly acquired or is otherwise disclosed or used without consent.

Reasonable Measures to Maintain Trade Secrets

AdobeStock_527614812-300x200Enacted in 2022, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), enacted in 2022, stands as a pivotal United States federal law with a multifaceted approach addressing inflation, climate change, and healthcare costs. Representing the largest investment in climate action in U.S. history, the IRA is poised to achieve a substantial 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

This groundbreaking legislation incorporates diverse provisions strategically designed to curtail greenhouse gas emissions, foster renewable energy initiatives, and catalyze job creation within the burgeoning clean energy sector. Notably, the IRA allocates a substantial $369 billion investment in clean energy and climate change mitigation. This encompasses tax incentives for renewable energy projects, capital infusion into clean energy manufacturing, and financial support for climate research endeavors.

Emphasizing its commitment to advancing technologies that actively contribute to carbon neutrality, the IRA prioritizes Negative Carbon Use (NCU) technologies. These innovative solutions play a pivotal role in offsetting greenhouse gas emissions, offering companies a spectrum of benefits, including tax credits, government funding, and heightened market demand. Consequently, the IRA presents a momentous opportunity for corporations specializing in NCU technologies.

AdobeStock_561003317-300x169Many startups in the San Jose area look to Delaware when establishing their corporate structure. You have probably heard that many top companies are incorporated in Delaware. Delaware is a popular state to form a corporation.  But what are the advantages to a Silicon Valley company operating in Delaware?  And how can you create your own Delaware company? The San Jose corporations lawyers at Structure Law Group, LLP can help answer these and other questions about the startup process.

What Are the Advantages of Incorporating in Delaware?

Despite being one of the smallest states, Delaware plays a significant role in corporate formation and law, offering numerous advantages. The state’s appealing tax laws are a primary factor for companies choosing to incorporate there. Corporations not conducting business in Delaware are exempt from the state’s corporate income tax, even if incorporated there. Instead, they are subject to a ‘franchise tax,’ which is typically much lower than corporate taxes in other states. Furthermore, Delaware offers considerable privacy for incorporators, requiring only the registered agent’s name on filings. Additionally, the state allows a single individual to establish a corporation and hold multiple corporate roles simultaneously.

AdobeStock_287591012-300x200Starting a new business venture is an exhilarating journey, but also involves significant financial risks. Seasoned entrepreneurs understand the importance of safeguarding their personal assets from undue exposure. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur in the Bay Area embarking on your first startup, the experienced San Jose startup and financing lawyers at Structure Law Group can provide valuable guidance on developing a comprehensive asset protection strategy.

Although every situation is distinct, here are a few essential considerations to keep in mind when safeguarding your personal assets from potential business liabilities:

Create a Limited Liability Business Entity

AdobeStock_193656039-300x200Many Californians start their own business without creating a separate legal entity. An individual who does this is known as a sole proprietor. If this describes your current setup, you may want to consider adopting a more formal structure, such as a limited liability company, as your business continues to grow. The California LLC attorneys at Structure Law Group can advise you of the risks and rewards of such a move.

Legal Liability and Tax Considerations

The benefit of being a sole proprietor is that you generally do not need to file much if any legal paperwork. Any income or losses incurred through the business is simply reported on your personal tax return at the end of the year on your IRS Schedule C.

AdobeStock_531731015-300x200The Silicon Valley region hosts numerous startups that have sought counsel from Structure Law Group to support their business growth. As San Jose business attorneys situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, Structure Law Group, LLP actively aids our clients in maximizing the potential of their new ventures. Our attorneys adopt a life cycle approach, providing guidance on entry strategies, growth management, and exit mechanisms to ensure comprehensive support at every stage of their journey.

The Silicon Valley business lawyers at SLG offer you a full-range of legal services to startups.

While every business is different in terms of their needs and plans for growth, here are five general tips to keep in mind when building your own startup.

AdobeStock_102097403-300x200As of January 1, 2024, all entities that are not exempt in California must file reports on their “beneficial ownership” with the Department of the Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). These reporting rules were part of the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA), which itself was enacted by Congress as part of the 2021 Department of Defense authorization bill. The Los Angeles corporate law attorneys at Structure Law Group, LLP, can advise you on your company’s obligation under the new rules and how to avoid potential regulatory issues with FinCEN.

New Requirements for Disclosing “Beneficial Owners” of Foreign and Domestic Companies

At its core, the CTA is an effort to enhance the Treasury Department’s ability to identify and take legal action against potential money laundering activities. In adopting the CTA, Congress determined that many actors involved in illegal activities like terrorist and tax fraud used “shell” companies to conceal their identities and move their illegally obtained proceeds through the U.S. financial system undetected. Given that corporation law varies from state-to-state, there were no uniform national requirements for reporting the actual or “beneficial” owners of many corporate entities.

AdobeStock_520992702-300x170For many business owners, there comes a day when it is time to sell their company. When it is your time to sell our business, make sure that you have a Texas M&A attorney by your side to ensure you take all steps necessary to protect your interests and maximize the value of your business.

Your business may be worth more than just the total value of their assets, and this may impact how you sell your business. You will need to decide whether you want your sale to be an asset sale, where you sell the business’s assets but not the entity that owns them, or an ownership sale, where you sell your ownership stake in the entity, which continues to own all of the assets.

Preparing for the Sale of a Business

AdobeStock_537418940-300x169Texas has been one of the nation’s hottest commercial real estate markets in recent years. Many companies are looking to relocate to the Lone Star State – especially in tech-friendly areas like Austin. This creates many opportunities for both buyers and sellers and the Texas real estate lawyers at Structure Law Group can help you in this process.

Commercial real estate transactions involve a lot of rules, contracts, and other moving parts. It is not something to be entered into lightly.

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