How to Move Your Out-of-State LLC to California

Untitled-design-54-300x214If you have an LLC from another state, you might wonder whether you need to move it to California. This process of conversion (also called “domestication”) does take time and effort. There are, however, important reasons why you should invest in this legal protection. The San Jose LLC attorneys at Structure Law Group are here to answer all your questions about out-of-state LLCs. Our San Jose business formation lawyers have helped many business owners find the right business entity, form their business properly, and domesticate out-of-state businesses as California LLCs. Learn more about how to move your out-of-state LLC to California properly.

How do I file paperwork to domesticate a “foreign” LLC?

The Office of the Secretary of State handles conversions of out-of-state LLCs. (The term “foreign” business refers to any business established outside of California, even if it is inside the U.S.) Forms and fees must be submitted to this office, and it is important to be sure that your paperwork is completed correctly. Errors can leave your business without LLC protection.

Do I have to make my business a California LLC if the original business was an LLC?

No! There are many business entities recognized under California law, and business owners may convert between different business types. The secretary of state maintains a helpful guide to which foreign entities can convert to which California entities. There are restrictions, but it is important to know what options are available to you. Our business entity formation lawyers advise entrepreneurs on the best business entity type for their specific goals. Even if you formed an LLC in another state, a California LLC might not be the best option for your company’s current needs.

Why should I move my LLC to California if it is already a recognized business?

There are many benefits to “domesticating” an out-of-state LLC in California. If the owners move to California, for example, they might have to file paperwork to conduct business in both states, anyway. It might be simpler to streamline all filings with paperwork in a single state. Domesticating also ensures that California laws will offer legal protection for business operations in California. If you conduct business in California, but your LLC is governed by another state’s laws, there can be gaps in your legal protection. Finally, you may have some choice in which law applies to your business. There can be benefits to choosing California LLC law over the laws of another state.

There are many potential pros and cons to domesticating an out-of-state LLC in California. Our limited liability company attorneys in San Jose are here to advise you on all aspects of conducting business in California.

Experienced San Jose LLC Attorneys for Converting Out-of-State Business Entities

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