Is Your Small Business Safe From Litigation?

AdobeStock_148838608-300x200Costly litigation has caused many small companies to go out of business. Often, larger companies know this and try to bully a smaller company with the threat of litigation. Small business owners do not have to be overwhelmed by the threat of litigation. With an effective legal strategy, your business can implement policies and procedures that will drastically reduce the odds of litigation. Learn more about the different areas of litigation small business owners must be aware of – and how the experienced litigators at Structure Law Group can help protect your business from liability.

Employment Litigation

Employees can sue their employers for a variety of reasons. Federal and state laws protect employees from discrimination, harassment, and other prohibited activities in the workplace. Employees may also litigate contractual disputes. (This is particularly common in Silicon Valley, where employment agreements cover intellectual property, confidentiality agreements, stock options, and other complex legal issues.) Our lawyers protect employers by drafting comprehensive employment agreements. We also work to develop effective workplace policies that will reduce the chances of a lawsuit for discrimination, harassment, union-busting, or other prohibited workplace activities.

Contract Litigation

Small business owners enter into all types of contracts. Contracts with customers, vendors, and employees can all lead to costly litigation. Financial contracts with investors or lenders can also cause disputes. A well-drafted contract can prevent many of these problems, but it is also important to have good corporate policies in place. Missing deadlines, shipping mistakes, and other human errors can lead to preventable breaches of contract. The combination of strong contracts and effective policies can drastically reduce your company’s risk of litigation. It is also important not to panic if a larger company threatens your business with breach of contract action. This tactic is a common bullying technique, but calling something a breach of contract does not automatically make it true. Let our lawyers review your case and determine the best legal strategy for your unique situation.

Intellectual Property Litigation

For many small business owners in Northern California, intellectual property is their most valuable asset. It is important to put legal protections in place before IP is ever created. Our lawyers will help ensure that your IP has legal protection during the research and development process. We can also help your business develop employment policies, confidentiality agreements, and licensure agreements that ensure your IP is used as you intended. When there is a breach of your IP rights, we will help explore all your options to determine the right legal strategy for your business. It is often possible to resolve an IP dispute without resorting to costly litigation.

Experienced California Litigators For San Francisco Business Owners

The experienced Bay Area corporate lawyers at Structure Law Group know how to protect small business owners from litigation. Our proactive strategies are tailored to your company’s unique needs, and this allows us to greatly reduce the risk of litigation. We can also help your company resolve disputes outside of court – or, if necessary, litigate aggressively to protect your legal rights. Call (408) 441-7500 to schedule a consultation or contact us online.