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AdobeStock_38444038-300x201Business Partnership Lawsuits — Disputed Between LLC Members, Shareholders, General Partners, or Limited Partners

Nobody enters a business partnership or relationship expecting to end up in litigation, but disputes may arise that can only be resolved through a formal legal process. If you are involved in such a lawsuit, the San Jose partnership lawyers at Structure Law Group can provide you with professional advice, guidance, and representation throughout the process.

Why Partnership Lawsuits Happen

AdobeStock_388222194-300x205If you own a business or commercial real estate in California, you should consider what will become of these assets when you are ready to retire. If you are looking to transfer your business or real property to your children or other family members, then a California family limited partnership (FLP) may be the best way to do it. But there are a number of potential legal and tax risks involved if you do not handle things correctly. The experienced Silicon Valley partnership lawyers at Structure Law Group’s San Jose office can help steer you and your family in the right direction on these issues.

What is a California Family Limited Partnership?

A business partnership occurs when two or more people agree to own property or operate a business together. In a general partnership, the partners share in the profits and losses of the businesses. This means that a creditor can go after the personal assets of any of the general partners.