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AdobeStock_209619567-300x181For many employers, paying employees with cryptocurrency is probably something you’ve never considered before. But these days, cryptocurrency is inching closer and closer to the mainstream.

Proof of how quickly cryptocurrency is becoming the new normal was evident when New York mayor Eric Adams vowed to accept his first three paychecks in bitcoin, and Miami Mayor Francis Suarez essentially did the same.

In April 2022, the Laredo Morning Times reported that Vantage Bank was planning to offer a new way for their employees to have a savings plan with the company, stepping away from traditional savings plans and offering a digital currency savings plan using bitcoin. While the bank was offering the new savings plan, it planned to continue to provide a traditional savings plan as well.

AdobeStock_606966290-300x200Many people nowadays are buying various goods online, which makes e-commerce businesses very attractive ventures for individuals all over Texas. When a person is considering starting their own e-commerce company, they will want to be sure they are working with trusted Austin, TX e-commerce attorneys.

In general, an e-commerce business will be a company operating either in full or in part over the internet that generates most of its revenue from online transactions. Licensing is one major concern for most e-commerce companies.

Basic E-Commerce Checklist

AdobeStock_330337077-300x200Money changes hands frequently in the United States, and debtors refer to people who owe money while creditors are the parties who are owed money. It can often be a contentious relationship between these two parties, and an Austin, TX creditor and debtor rights attorney can help both sides exercise their rights.

Each side of a debt issue will rely on unfair generalizations about other parties, such as creditors being overly aggressive and greedy while debtors are supposedly lazy and unreliable. The truth is usually much more complicated.

Debtor Rights in Texas